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The Pizza Tree

Posted by on Nov 17, 2015

The Pizza Tree

The Pizza TreeI am excited with the publishing of my very first book, The Pizza Tree. At long last, I put my creative stories from my voice to paper. Now that I have published The Pizza Tree, I know I will do it again.

I wrote The Pizza Tree because of my love of teaching. Teaching by example has always been a pleasure because it shows things can be done and someone you are looking at has done it. I love the quote, “Action speaks louder than words“. I added many of the elements of life and living that I enjoy. Travel, planting a garden, a woman doing “a man’s job”, bicycling and sharing. I have traveled extensively and enjoy exploring this beautiful country and the world. I am a patio gardener and everything grow is in a flower pot. I take pride in painting the garage, changing the tire on the car or cutting the lawn. These are the things any woman can do and I wanted to plant that seed of achievement so young girls would continue to think out of the box when it came to thinking of career possibilities. The seed was my creative imagination at work. My grandmother was a lover of fishing and this is my tribute to her.